That’s why I’m focusing on the present, on my time at McLaren “”, considers the Madrid driver

That’s why I’m focusing on the present, on my time at McLaren “”, considers the Madrid driver

Barcelona and F1: The mess is not over yet

Gasly, ahead of Verstappen in the rainy second test

"The weather was strange; from the ‘pit lane’ and on the camera it looks like it leaks, but when you ride it is raining a lot everywhere", explained the leader of the F1 World Cup. "The surface is quite dark, so you can’t tell very well if it’s dry or if it’s wet"Hamilton said Friday in Hungary.

F1 goes on vacation after the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Hungaroring will see Max Verstappen come out in the first place of the grid, something unusual so far. The Dutchman, who has won two of the last three races, wants to take advantage of the preferential position on a circuit where overtaking is difficult.


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Arnau montserrat


F1 Hungarian GP

He will not have to repeat the problems at the start he already had in Germany. Otherwise, Hamilton and Bottas will not waste an opportunity to take the lead. Neither the Ferraris that seem to be a step behind. Sainz wants to be back in the points with Norris to show that Mclaren is little by little back. Do not miss a detail of what happens in Budapest from 3:10 p.m. with,



Formula 1 goes on vacation. See you in August at the Carrerón de Spa, Belgium. A pleasure!


The podium of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

BREAKING: Lewis Hamilton wins the #HungarianGP &# 127469;&# 127482; Max Verstappen started on pole but finishes in P2Sebastian Vettel takes P3 after overtaking his team mate, Charles Leclerc # F1

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Hamilton by radio: "Sorry James for doubting your strategy"


Fifth place for Carlos Sainz. SPECTACULAR! Holding out a Red Bull.


VICTORY FOR LEWIS HAMILTON! Verstappen second and Vettel third.


Last lap! Hamilton will win in Hungary. Quick return to Verstappen.


Vettel is going to move on to Leclerc. It does. The German and his Plan C have worked and will be third.


Verstappen stop. I couldn’t even finish the race on these tires. He will go for the fast lap.


HAAAAAMILTON HAPPENED IT! Incredible. Hat for the strategists of Mercedes. They won there.


HAS IT! It goes like an airplane. He’s going to tear off the stickers.


Holy madness! 3 seconds. Puuuucan win Hamilton!


6 seconds away! There are 6 laps left. Agonic.


They tell Lewis everything. That they no longer care about the wheels. 9 seconds! Be careful, maybe they weren’t so crazy at Mercedes.


Track record for Hamilton who sets one more gear.


Sainz has Gasly glued to his rear wing. Meanwhile they continue to encourage Lewis Hamilton on the radio …

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Lewis Hamilton again showed yesterday on the track that he is far above the rest, at least, well above the majority. The Briton excelled in the ‘qualy’ with a circuit record and only Bottas was able to keep up with him. After signing the pole, Lewis’s first words were for his team. “I have to pinch myself, I don’t believe it. It’s overwhelming because I work with an incredible group of people who, without their support, couldn’t have done this. I am very grateful to the factory and track team ”, he said to the organization’s microphones.

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Lewis Hamilton F1 Hungarian GP Valtteri Bottas

Nor did he forget his partner, whom he praised for his work. “Valtteri always makes it difficult for me, surpassing him requires absolute perfection. Not everything went smoothly but today I connected with the car, “he explained.

Despite his dominance, he preferred to be cautious about the race. “There is a long way to go until the first corner, nothing is done and tomorrow I will have to make a good start. We don’t know what the weather will be like, we will work hard and focus to achieve a new double, ”argued Hamilton.

Bottas, focused

His squire expressed the same line, who also stated that he will fight for victory. “It is going to be a dragster race until the first corner. What I have to do is win races and keep the lead and that is what I am going to try, ”said Bottas during his interview.

Sainz: "I’ve been in trouble all weekend"

Hamilton dominates qualifying with an iron fist

The Finn also spoke of the dominance of Mercedes in this World Cup start: “I saw in FP3 that I was going to be close to Lewis. As a team we are very far from the others. Removing the last lap of Q3 I did well, but so did Lewis ”. Today, if nothing prevents it, both will compete again for the victory that for Hamilton would mean surpassing Schumacher’s record with the most wins on the same track.

The Spanish Carlos Sainz (McLaren) declared that the fifth place achieved this Sunday in the Hungarian Grand Prix "tastes three times better" than the one achieved last week in Germany.


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F1 Hungarian GP

"This fifth tastes three times better. How curious it is that from one weekend to the next, only seven days apart, a fifth changes flavor so quickly"he told Movistar F1.

"He has been very well fought since the start, passing Lando (Norris) and (Pierre) Gasly on the inside at Turn 1. I don’t remember what I did, but I passed them", he remembered.

"At the end of the first ‘stint’ we had a very good pace and very good tire management. They even told me that I had a Ferrari-like pace. Then it has been a matter of being smart with Gasly and not leaving him opportunities. I have added 10 points, which is quite a lot"added the Madrilenian.

Recalling his fight with Gasly to maintain fifth place, Sainz said: "Wasn’t it on TV? How weird, right? There were a couple of laps where he was close, but he’s never had a chance to dive, so good. Happy".

He also highlighted his pit stop: "I got back on the track ahead of (Nico) Hülkengerg and we put him 21 seconds on the soft tire, which shows the pace we had".

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Sainz: "We hit the change of settings"

"I’m enjoying it a lot and it shows on the track, at the starts, everywhere … You have to be very satisfied and very proud of it"Sainz noted.

A theory circulates on social media: Carlos Sainz is going to leave the best McLaren in recent years to drive the worst Ferrari in a long time. The story has already reached the Madrilenian, who does not understand that they constantly ask him if he regrets his decision. "Ferrari? I don’t regret it", he assures.

07/17/2020 at 08:49 CEST


F1 Hungarian GP

Sainz will begin his participation in the Hungarian GP on Friday, the third round of the 2020 Formula 1 season, in seventh place overall, after finishing in the top 10 in the two Austrian rounds. 

"A lot of people ask me that question, like they’re extremely worried or regretting my decision or something. But I feel like it’s not a real question that needs to be answered right now."says Sainz, who has been committed to the Scuderia for two seasons, until 2022.

"I am amazed at how many people ask me if I regret it. And I don’t regret it. There are many people who still do not understand so much about F1 and wonder why I have left McLaren right now for Ferrari. But i’m happy", Add

"I think it’s too early, the season has just started, we all have to be a little patient. It has been clearly seen how much a car can change from one year to the next, and how much Racing Point can change from last year to this, or how much Ferrari can change from last year to this, so the good thing about Formula 1 is that this never it stops. I’m not worried about what happens now because in a year, in 360 days, everything could change. That’s why I’m focusing on the present, on my time at McLaren", considers the Madrid pilot.

Sainz feels ready to face the pressure of being a Ferrari driver in Italy: "It motivates me a lot. They may not be having their best time, but I want to get there and be part of a positive improvement. I have lived it at McLaren and it is such a positive experience that living it at Ferrari would be something also important".

In view of the Hungarian race, Sainz notes that "this is a high downforce track and the next time we go to Silverstone it will be a low load track, I think I need two or three more circuits to assess where we are and where we are going to fight. There will also be some updates later, so for now I need a few more races to assess what we can do this year with McLaren".

Carlos Sainz reveals how he negotiated his signing for Ferrari

Seidl: "Sainz will be competitive at Ferrari"

"We are probably a little better than we thought after the winter tests, especially on a track like Austria, where we already performed very well last year. It was great to feel that the car had taken a step forward from the previous year and that both wet and dry we had good qualifying laps. Last year we also qualified quite well in Hungary, I think we were seventh and eighth in Q3, but there wasn’t a pink car as fast as now to fight", ditch, in reference to Racing Point.

The German Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) was the best this Friday in the rainy second free trial for the Hungarian Grand Prix, the third of the Fórmla Uno World Championship, which the Spanish Carlos Sainz (McLaren) finished third and the Mexican Sergio Pérez (Racing Point), fifth; and in which seven of the twenty participating pilots did not mark time.

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