Super 6 win rate

Super 6 win rate

Here, too, we need good concepts, for example we should promote traffic calming, but at the same time always pay attention to the connection and supply of the area. However, many people are still dependent on their car. We shouldn’t condemn car traffic where it is necessary.

Among the young people under 25, the SPD still came to 16 percent. The young people and the cities used to be strongholds of social democracy. What has been lost there?

The Greens were more successful than the SPD in many regions of North Rhine-Westphalia. So can the social democrats learn something from political competition? The ex-chancellor candidate and former mayor Martin Schulz believes: rather not. 

It is true that there is an urban attitude towards life that the SPD no longer adequately addresses. And the hint is correct that we are not docking sufficiently at the moment. But cities are not just about hip life, there are other issues too: too high costs, lack of housing, low incomes. Or now since the pandemic: homeschooling, home office, digitization; We are facing epoch-making changes and the Greens have no offers.

Should the SPD in Aachen, Bonn or Münster, where the runoff election is about black or green, make election recommendations for the Green OB candidates?

That must be decided by the local party. The situation there is often very heterogeneous. For their part, the Greens – see Cologne, for example – have firmly fixed themselves on the CDU. That is also a strategy that I perceive at the federal level. Close to the CDU and the SPD as main opponents? The Greens will have to think about where to locate themselves.

The SPD is still a power in the Ruhr area. But also there with sometimes massive signs of erosion, such as in Gelsenkirchen.

The results are also very different there. The SPD is clearly ahead in the OB election in Dortmund, and we have achieved very good results in cities like Bottrop, Herne and Hamm. We still have a very stable base in the Ruhr area. But it is also correct that with a turnout of 50 percent we have large reserves of mobilization. Where we are going to the runoff election in two weeks, we will have to start with the mobilization: We have to get our people to the polls.

Where the Social Democratic OB candidates did well, such as in Hamm, Solingen and Remscheid, the city council losses were also very manageable. Where the OB candidate did badly, the party also lost.

Of course, popular top people always pull their party with them. Above all, that shows one thing: where the candidate, party and program agree, the party is successful. If the party does not agree, it is immediately reflected in the results.

A common formula is: SPD-NRW minus six percent gives the federal value. With 24 percent in NRW, the SPD reaches almost 18 percent in the federal government. Correct?

No. If the voter turnout is 50 percent, comparisons between local and federal elections are not permitted.

Did the result strengthen Armin Laschet and his ambition to become CDU chairman and candidate for chancellor?

Everyone is now saying that Armin Laschet has been strengthened. With all due respect, that’s nonsense. In this election, just over half of those eligible to vote voted. The CDU got the worst local election result after the war. That is also part of the truth. After this local election you can neither proclaim Armin Laschet as CDU chairman or candidate for chancellor nor write off the SPD.

So what are your lessons from this choice?

There are essentially three insights: Wherever the SPD is united, it wins. Second: Too many of our regular voters stay at home in our strongholds. And third, the Greens voters are very disciplined, and that strengthens the party as a whole. Even if you have to see this result, I repeat myself, in the light of the low participation of 50 percent.

"A signal for the country": ‘People trust me to end the standstill’ NRW local elections: You should keep an eye on these politicians Press about NRW election: ‘Well then, good night!’

But voter turnout and mobilization are also part of democracy. The non-participation also expresses something.

Absolutely right. And that’s why we’re going to work on it.

Sources used: Interview with Martin Schulz

Early retirement is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. What could be better than an immediate pension? With the Glücksspirale you will have no more money worries for 20 years. The winning numbers and odds can be found here.

In the last drawing of the Glücksspirale on Saturday, October 31, 2020, a lucky guy guessed the correct seven digits. Will there be another winner this week? You can find out the winning numbers for the current week here.

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Winning numbers of the Glücksspirale from November 7th, 2020 

Class Winning numbers Prize class 73729318 Prize category 6–291465–861094 Prize category 5––21435 Prize category 4 ––– 0406 Prize category 3 –––– 138 Prize category 2 ––––– 74 Prize category 1 –––––– 6

(Information provided without guarantee)

Win odds spiral of luck 

Stake: € 4,695,391.50

Prize classNumber of correct winnings Odds77 final digits0x2,100,000 € (10,000 € per month) 6

6 final digits

3×100,000 € 55 final digits 11.2×10,000 € 44 final digits74.6×1,000 € 33 final digits930.9×100 € 22 final digits9,419.7×25 € 11 final digits 96,748×10 €


(Information provided without guarantee)

Lotto on Saturday, November 7th, 2020: 24 million euros in the jackpot Eurojackpot on November 6th, 2020: 33 million euros in the lottery pool Spiral of luck on October 31st, 2020: Numbers of the last drawing

This is how the Glücksspirale pension lottery works

To win, buy a ticket with a seven-digit ticket number. A lot costs five euros plus processing fee. The main prize is awarded when all the digits on the lottery ticket are drawn. All in all, you can win from just one correct final digit. The profit increases with each additional correct final digit.

Participation in the Glücksspirale is possible from the age of 18. There are lottery tickets at many lottery acceptance points throughout Germany. Regardless of the opening times of the acceptance points, you can also play the Glücksspirale online. There you also have the advantage that your winnings are transferred directly to your game account and then to your account. By the way, you can also take part in the drawing of the lucky spiral if you place a cross for this lottery on the lottery ticket from Lotto 6aus49 or Eurojackpot.

The numbers of the lucky spiral are drawn in the state lottery administration in Munich. The drawing takes place every Saturday at 7.15 p.m. The results will be announced on the same day immediately before the daily news on ARD at exactly 7:57 p.m. You can also check the winning numbers of the lucky spiral online.

Amount of profit

The amount of the prize is different in each prize class. The amount paid out per prize class is the same for each drawing. In the top prize category, the winner receives an immediate monthly pension of 10,000 euros, which is paid out for 20 years. Alternatively, the lucky guy can have the main prize transferred to his account as a one-off payment of 2,100,000 euros. Since 2018, the immediate pension is no longer paid for life.

Odds of winning

The chances of winning in the first prize class are 1:10. For a correct final digit of the seven-digit ticket number, the participant receives double the stake back. The probability of having the seven correct final digits is 1: 10,000,000 higher than with the 6aus49 lottery. The sixth prize class will be drawn twice. 

Prize classNumber of correct amountChances 1 in 77 final digits2,100,000 (10,000 € monthly) 10,000,00062×6 final digits2x100,000 € 1,000,00055 final digits10,000 € 100,00044 final digits1,000 € 10,00033 final digits100 € 1,00022 final digits € 25 10011 final number € 10

The story of the lucky spiral

The Glücksspirale has existed since November 6, 1969. The lottery was originally u. a. Introduced by the National Olympic Committee to fund the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics. Then in 1974 the soccer world championship in Germany was supported by the Glücksspirale. Later, money from the Glücksspirale was donated to various institutions.

Who is funded by the Glücksspirale?

The Glücksspirale supports several charitable projects. The areas of environmental protection, combating addiction, church, sport and culture particularly benefit from the pension lottery. To date, the Glücksspirale has raised over 2.1 billion euros in funding. Lottery partners receive a portion of the stakes in the Glücksspirale. These include, for example, the voluntary welfare organization, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and the German Foundation for Monument Protection.

These supporters use the money to support various projects at regional level, from sports facilities to non-profit institutions to the preservation of listed buildings.

Where do most of the lucky spiral winners live?

Since 2012 there are statistics from the Glücksspirale on the main prizes of 100,000 euros and the immediate pension. With 16 people, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria have the most winners of the Glücksspirale instant pension. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Thuringia there was still no lucky person who could secure the main prize.

153 participants in the Glücksspirale from Bavaria have won the sum of 100,000 euros since 2012. The same amount was paid out to 124 people in North Rhine-Westphalia during the same period. The fewest 100,000 euro winners have so far been in Bremen, namely only one. (As of October 2020)

Sources used:

"I would love to be a millionaire, then my account would never be empty" – Do you dream of the lottery jackpot? With us you will find all information about lottery 6 out of 49 – current winning numbers and odds for Wednesday and Saturday.

In the drawing last Wednesday, October 28, 2020, no lucky guy guessed the correct six plus the super number. This Saturday the sum in the lottery pot is therefore 18 million euros. You can find out whether you are one of the winners here. 

By the way: from September 23, the lottery ticket became more expensive. Find out why the rules are changing here. 

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Lotto 6aus49: Now take part in the upcoming drawing Eurojackpot from October 30th, 2020: Ten million euros in the JackpotLotto on Wednesday October 28th, 2020: The numbers of the last drawing Spiral of luck from October 31st, 2020: 10,000 euros monthly immediate pension

The lottery numbers on Saturday, October 31, 2020 6aus49: 1 – 8 – 11 – 21 – 26 – 28 

Super number: 8

Game 77: 6563002

Super 6: 431012

(Information provided without guarantee)What happens when the dream of the jackpot becomes a reality: This is what you should pay attention to. And how long do lottery players have to collect their winnings? The most important questions and answers about the winning period.

Winning odds

Lotto 6aus49 

Stake: € 53,634,469.20

ClassNumber of correct winsQuotas16 correct numbers + SZ0 x unoccupied26 correct numbers4 x709,704.70 € 35 correct numbers + SZ140 x7,029.40 € 45 correct numbers1,008 x2,910.10 € 54 correct numbers + SZ5,547 x146.70 € 64 correct numbers 45,348 x42.50 € 73 correct numbers + SZ93,235 x 17.60 € 83 correct numbers 762,307 x10.20 € 92 correct numbers + SZ644,865 x6.00 €

Play 77 odds

Stake: € 12,299,477.50

ClassNumber of Correct WinsQuotaI7 correct final digits0 xunoccupiedII6 correct final digits2 x77,777.00 € III5 correct final digits30 x7,777.00 € IV4 correct final digits295 x777.00 € V3 correct final digits2,996 x77.00 € VI2 correct final digits35,269 x17.00 € VII1 correct final digit395 .652 x € 5.00

Super 6 odds

Stake: € 5,160,085.00

ClassNumber of correct winsQuotaI6 correct final digits0 x100,000.00 € II5 correct final digits33 x6,666.00 € III4 correct final digits330 x666.00 € IV3 correct final digits3,324 x66.00 € V2 correct final digits33,621 x6.00 € VI1 correct final digit330,338 x2 , 50 €

(Information provided without guarantee)

This is how the lottery works "6aus49"

Before the draw, the player fills out a ticket. Six of a total of 49 winning numbers are then ticked. After submitting the ticket, six balls are drawn from a pool of 49 numbered balls. The aim of the game is to match as many of the numbers as possible with the previously typed numbers. In order to crack the jackpot, you need six correct winning numbers as well as the correct super number. This is the last digit of the ticket number, i.e. a number between zero and nine. The super number will be awarded following the drawing "6aus49" drawn from a pool of ten numbers.

Depending on the correctly typed numbers or correct super number, there are a total of nine prize categories. To win, at least two numbers must be correctly typed and the super number must be correct.

Amount of profit

The amount of the prize depends on the prize class and the stake. The more numbers that are correct, the better the prize tier and the amount paid out. The sum of money that is distributed among the nine prize tiers corresponds to 50 percent of the stake. The amount won is highest when as many notes as possible are played and as few players as possible have guessed the correct numbers.

Odds of winning

According to, the chance of winning class 1, i.e. six correct numbers plus a super number, is around 1: 140 million. The winning probabilities of the individual classes have been made up as follows since September 23, 2020.

ClassNumber correctDistribution shareWinsChances 1 in16 correct + SZ15 percent1 x139,838.16026 correct15 percent9 x15,537,57335 correct + AV5.2 percent258 x542.00845 correct15.5 percent2,322 x60.22354 correct + DS4.3 percent13,545 x10.3241264 correct. 905 x1.14773 correct + SZ8.7 percent246,820 x56783 correct41.1 percent2,221,380 x6392 correct + SZfixed amount1,851,150 x76

The percentages for prize classes 2 to 8 refer to the remaining profit distribution after deduction of the fixed prize amount in class 9 and the allocation to prize class 1.

Cost of participation

On a lottery ticket there are boxes with 49 numbers to be crossed. Each field that is filled in is a so-called tip and costs 1.20 euros. The participation costs are therefore not based on the number of tickets, but on the number of tips. There is also a processing fee for each ticket.

Besides lotto "6aus49" you can also take part in the additional lotteries Spiel 77, Super 6 and the GlücksSpirale.