Source: “British Hollywood actress Helen Mirren (62) is an advocate of legal prostitution.” I think prostitution should be legalized in view of the terrible trafficking in women and the dangers that girls are exposed to on the streets.

Source: “British Hollywood actress Helen Mirren (62) is an advocate of legal prostitution.” I think prostitution should be legalized in view of the terrible trafficking in women and the dangers that girls are exposed to on the streets.

It is best to bring a book, food for a picnic and half a day’s time. A detour to the giant tortoise enclosure in the middle of the park is worthwhile. Entrance to the garden costs around five euros. The Aventure du Sucre is an excitingly designed museum about the history of the settlement of the island and its main product, sugar cane. (Photo: dpa-tmn) Not far from the botanical garden is Aventure du Sucre, an excitingly designed museum History of the settlement of the island and its main product, sugar cane.

The entertaining exhibition ends with a sugar and rum tasting. The price: a total of ten euros. A walk through the gardens of the villa to the Riviere Baptiste river is really worthwhile for a small extra charge. You can walk for miles from here, visit several waterfalls and even swim a few laps in the cool water for half a day. Cost: five to ten euros. The former colonial villa Eureka was built in front of the Le Pouce mountain.

Today it is a restaurant and museum. (Photo: dpa-tmn) Mauritius is one of those paradisiacal islands, which are best known for their dream beaches. But it also has a beautiful green mountain world to offer. The former colonial villa Eureka in Moka offers a spectacular view of the Le Pouce mountain, which also gives an insight into the history of the island.

The building with original furniture from the 19th century and a Creole restaurant looks a bit run down. The arduous ascent of Le Morne Brabant is worthwhile. (Photo: dpa-tmn) The mountains lack marked hiking trails and so is mostly for safety reasons a tour with a guide recommended. The island’s landmark, the 556-meter-high Le Morne Brabant mountain, is not even allowed without a licensed escort. “It is a world heritage site,” said Guide Yan, explaining the importance of the mountain. “Up here, slaves who had fled once hid and sometimes fell to their deaths out of desperation.” The higher it goes, the more rocky and barren the landscape becomes. In places the flanks are so steep that you have to use both hands and Yan’s climbing tips.

Good sneakers are enough for the excursion. The two-hour effort in humid heat for around 35 euros is worth it: On the way, but especially up at the summit cross, one becomes aware of the beauty of the island again. The view goes to deep green slopes, white beaches, the turquoise of the shallow bays, the gray-blue of the ocean depths behind and the azure blue sky with white dots of clouds. And if you are a little lucky, you will even see a rainbow. This is Mark Twain, who is said to have said about the island: “First Mauritius was created, then paradise. But paradise was only a copy of Mauritius.” Source: ntv. de, Simone Andrea Mayer, dpa “” To the 16.

The glass Lubinas are awarded in Cottbus. This time in the running is the German-Russian co-production “A Russian Summer” with Oscar winner Helen Mirren. The winners will be honored in Cottbus’ town hall. (Photo: picture-alliance / dpa) According to Brandenburg’s Minister of Culture Martina Münch ( SPD) as far as the neighboring countries to the east. “With the focus on the 20th year of the Peaceful Revolution, the Festival of Eastern European Film in Cottbus has a very special meaning,” said Münch.

Good neighbors and intensive exchange with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe have long become a trademark of Brandenburg. The 19th Film Festival Cottbus took place on the evening of November 11th.

It opened at the Cottbus State Theater in November. At the beginning the audience celebrated the German premiere of the German-Russian co-production “A Russian Summer” with Oscar-winner Helen Mirren (“The Queen”) with much applause. The film by the American director Michael Hoffman tells the last days in the life of the writer Leo Tolstoy. In addition to the Englishwoman Mirren as Tolstoy’s wife, the Canadian Christopher Plummer (“Waterloo”) shone in the role of the great Russian writer. The film will be released in German cinemas on January 21, 2010.

November 143 films from 35 countries in Central and Eastern Europe will be shown at the Cottbus Film Festival. As in the previous year, the organizers are expecting around 18,000 visitors. Ten entries apply in the feature film competition and eleven strips in the short feature film competition for the glass sculpture “Lubina”. The winners will be honored on November 14th in the town hall. Source:, dpa “The British actress Helen Mirren (61), who plays the British Queen in her new film” The Queen “, now has the minds of all royal fans calmed down.

There had been fears that the monarch would get off badly. She would be portrayed very “sensitively”, said Mirren according to “”. The film, directed by Stehen Frears, is set in the emotionally difficult time immediately after the death of Lady Diana, who was killed in a car accident in Paris in 1997. The film would not be a dirty smear comedy, but an attempt to “look behind the scenes of the royal family,” says Helen Mirren. Source: “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Helen Mirren” As Queen Elizabeth II, she resided appropriately in Buckingham Palace, privately Helen Mirren (61) preferred castles in warmer climes.

As the magazine “Hello!” reported in its online edition that the British actress, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of the Queen, bought a palace in the far south of Italy, said to have cost the Masseria Matine property in the province of Lecce in Apulia £ 690,000 to have. Dame Helen’s new residence is in dire need of renovation, but could develop into a heavenly place – which even includes a vineyard. High fortress walls ensure privacy, and Mirren and husband Taylor Hackford are said to have already drawn up a renovation plan. Mirren fell in love with the region at the “heel” of boot-shaped Italy when she received a film award in Salent.

Source: “British Hollywood actress Helen Mirren (62) is an advocate of legal prostitution.” I think prostitution should be legalized in view of the terrible trafficking in women and the dangers girls are exposed to on the street. In a legal brothel they have a license, are protected and the clients are also protected because they know that the girls are examined every week, “Mirren told the US magazine” Time “. Source:” Oscar winner Helen Mirren (“The Queen”) relaxed in a mud bath while filming in Saxony-Anhalt. “That was fantastic,” said the British actress. In Pretzsch, a small town near Wittenberg, the movie “The Last Station” is currently being shot, which is dedicated to the last months of the life of the Russian poet Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910). The Canadian actor Christopher Plummer (78) plays Tolstoy, Mirren is his wife Sofya. “This part of Saxony-Anhalt is very similar to Russia, with the forest and the mature and wild nature,” says Plummer, who followed Luther’s footsteps in his free time in Wittenberg while Mirren explored the landscape by car and among other things Fascinated by the wind turbines and the Elbe, Tolstoy died of pneumonia in a remote Russian train station.

Since the film, which should come to the cinemas in 2009, will be produced exclusively with funding from Germany, a nationwide search for a train station that looks old and Russian. This was the case for the station in Pretzsch, which was taken out of service for the two-week filming. Source: “British actress Helen Mirren confessed to sniffing cocaine occasionally in the early 80s.” I loved the coke. I never took a lot, just a little at parties, “the Oscar winner admitted in an interview. After the arrest of the Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie in 1983, however, she left the drugs behind because he was in Bolivia” on his income “lived as a cocaine baron.” When I read about it in newspapers, everything became clear to me.

I understood that sniffing cocaine at a party had a direct link to that damn horrible guy in South America, “Mirren said. Such a” horrific structure “is not behind all drugs, however, she added “It’s not the same with marijuana grown in the garden, of course,” said Mirren. In addition to cocaine, she also tried cannabis and LSD – but they would not have tasted. Mirren was in 2007 for her portrayal of the British Queen was awarded the Oscar for best actress in the film “The Queen”. Source: “Oscar winner Helen Mirren (” The Queen “) hopes that her family roots will have a positive effect on her next role. For the granddaughter of a Russian aristocrat, filming of “The Last Station” begins on Monday. The film about the last year of life of the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) is a German production with an English-speaking cast throughout.

The project was presented to the public in Berlin in the presence of the main actors Mirren, Christoph Plummer, James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff. Mirren, who was baptized Ilyena Vasilievna Mironov when she was born in London, plays Tolstoy’s wife Sofia. Christopher Plummer (“The Insider”) slips into the role of the writer. The Hollywood star has already started reading through Tolstoy’s work and is excited about Tolstoy’s genius.

However, he does not feel intimidated by its intellectual grandeur: you don’t have to be an alcoholic to play an alcoholic, nor do you have to be a genius to portray one, says Plummer. “In this case, an idiot plays a genius.” Touched in RobeFor her part at Plummer’s side, Mirren wants to familiarize herself with the Russian soul – although she admits that she has not yet started research. For the time being, her close contact helps me prepare for the role: “Even during the dress rehearsal, I felt like my Russian great aunts”. She felt strangely touched.

The historical photos of Tolstoy on his country estate would also look incredibly similar to the images of her ancestors. The “Queen” actress had little time between press appointments and costume rehearsals for sightseeing in Berlin. However, the crew will still have the opportunity to explore Germany, as the locations for “The Last Station” based on the novel of the same name by Jay Parini are mainly East German landscapes in Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg as well as some original locations in Russia. Sooner or later, Mirren promises, her pronunciation will improve too. So far she has been constantly talking about “Sexy-Anhalt”. The dispute over Tolstoy’s legacyBesides Plummer and Mirren, Anne-Marie Duff (“The Merciless Sisters”) as Tolstoy’s daughter Sasha, James McAvoy (“Atonement”) as a spying, naive private secretary and Paul Giamatti (“Sideways”) stand in front of the camera as Tolstoy’s confidante.

Hollywood writer Michael Hoffman will direct the filming of his critically acclaimed script. The story centers on the dispute over Tolstoy’s legacy and “the impossibility of living without love,” said Hoffman. After his death, the writer wanted to dedicate the income from bestsellers such as “War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina” to the people. Wife Sofia, on the other hand, claimed the rights for herself and their children.

Exasperated by the argument, Tolstoy escapes with his daughter Sasha (Anne-Marie Duff) and ends up at a remote train station. The story is produced by Jens Meurer (Egoli Tossell Film), Chris Curling (Zephyr Films) and Bonnie Arnold. Andrei Konchalovsky was won as a Russian partner. Patrizia von Brandenstein, who was awarded an Oscar for her work in “Amadeus”, was responsible for the equipment.

In spring 2009 “The Last Station” will be released in cinemas. Source: “” “” Wolfgang Thierse in front of August Bebel’s likeness in the Willy Brandt House in September (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) SPD veteran Wolfgang Thierse sees his party on the brink. The new party leadership was chosen to leave the GroKo.

But it is not legitimized for that. The dilemma is unsolvable, the passionate social democrat analyzes. Way out? A minority government. The long-time President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Thierse, sees the situation of his party so bleak that he advises the Union to adopt a minority government without the Social Democrats.

According to a report by the “Tagesspiegel”, Thierse predicts a total collapse for the SPD under the new leadership: “A party that does not learn to praise its own government achievements, but is shaped by a climate of dissatisfaction, suspicion and hatred have no future, “Thierse told the newspaper. It doesn’t matter who is at the top. The new leadership duo Norbert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken did not solve the dilemma of the SPD and its attitude to the grand coalition, but worsened the dilemma, Thierse explained to the paper. The logic of the latest personnel decision would be the exit from the coalition, because both candidates would have won the membership decision with the GroKo, explained Thierse.

At the same time, the duo is not legitimized within the party for this. Thierse calculated that the voter turnout for the membership vote on joining the grand coalition was around 70 percent higher than it was for the decision on the party chairmanship. At 66 percent, approval was also higher than it is now in the chairperson election.

Esken and Walter-Borjans were only elected by around 53 percent of the SPD members. “A non-exit now damages the credibility of Esken / Borjans”, Thierse continued to analyze. A coalition exit, on the other hand, jeopardizes important successes of the SPD, “above all the basic pension, a main SPD project for which it has long fought”. The 76-year-old Thierse was part of the civil rights movement in the GDR and was President of the German Bundestag from 1998 to 2005. In view of the upheavals in the SPD, Thierse called a CDU / CSU minority government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel a realistic option.

Because the 2020 budget has been decided and Merkel will with the German EU Council Presidency from mid-2020 the “Queen of Europe and the SPD can only grumble and moan”. Source:, mau “” Advertising – who doesn’t get excited sometimes on about unbelievable promises and embellished pictures.