So does Pokémon expert “” Lennyficate “” (350,000 subscribers).

So does Pokémon expert “” Lennyficate “” (350,000 subscribers).

They accuse politics and business of strategic failure at their expense. In Germany, the protests are called Fridays for Future. They have met with a considerable response.

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Every Friday young people in Germany and many other countries protest for climate protection. A group of the “Fridays for Future” movement has now presented a list of specific demands.

The demands of the “Fridays for Future” movement are becoming more and more concrete. Many young people have been committed to climate protection on Fridays – for months. Many activists criticize that they do not feel that they are being taken seriously. One of them is 16-year-old Svenja from Schleswig-Holstein. “Currently several local groups are working out specific demands,” she told

Nowhere has it become as concrete as in the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district. This Friday the activists of the local group present their demands in Rendsburg. They have already sent the eight-page document to the district. They have not yet received an answer. 

“This is a future we don’t want!”

In a letter to the district, the mayor and the schools, the activists found clear words: “For decades science has been practically ignored,” they write. Climate change threatens droughts, epidemics and floods. That is a future in which they do not want to live.

“Now the situation is so dramatic that we need a profound and radical upheaval at all levels,” they continue. But how do the activists from Rendsburg-Eckernförde imagine this upheaval?

For weeks they researched, talked to scientists and discussed things among themselves. They have drawn up a long list of specific requirements – for example, for a climate-friendly infrastructure.

Claims from Schleswig-Holstein

The district should not build new roads and parking garages. Instead, he should invest in cycle paths and local public transport. One item on the list is to double the spending on bike infrastructure by 2023. The 19-year-old Maximilian Reimers is the group’s spokesman in Rendsburg and explains: “When the federal government is asleep, at least the district has to ensure that we don’t have to rely on cars.” Another important goal of the movement: The district should declare a “climate emergency”. This means that the CO2 emissions in the district should be reduced to zero by 2035. “Rescuing the climate is our life insurance, and we have to invest in it,” Reimers continued. This is what the “Fridays for Future” movement calls for nationwide. In addition: Electricity from non-renewable energy sources such as coal should also be switched off in Rendsburg-Eckernförde by 2030 at the latest. The administration itself should take on more responsibility: the publicly owned buildings should be climate-neutral, and waste separation should become better. 

At the beginning of April the activists of “Fridays for Future” published nationwide demands.

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You want to have more of a say

Overall, the young people are also interested in more participation, for example through youth councils. “We are not calling for anything utopian. We are calling for what is absolutely necessary,” explains activist Maximilian Reimers.

Scientist Tobias Bayr from the Geomar Ocean Research Center in Kiel also sees it this way. He carefully examined the demands of the “Fridays for Future” group before they were published.

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He told “Over the last few years I’ve been frustrated that so little has happened on the part of politics. That’s why I think it’s great that so many students are now campaigning for it.”  

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You turned the election campaign on its head with your calls. What do the YouTube stars say about the outcome of the European elections after the Rezo whirlwind?

The YouTubers are happy, but they show little malice at first: Among young people, the Greens are the strongest party in the European elections, the CDU and SPD have crashed. This is exactly what web video stars had asked for: It is not the big parties who vote for their climate protection and copyright policy with the controversial Article 13. They see the result as confirmation.

“#FridaysForFutureRezoEffekt”, tweeted Peter Smits from “PietSmiet”, one of the most famous gamers in Germany with more than 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube, shortly after the first forecasts. 

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A minus of eight percent for the CDU is “just the beginning, if nothing happens,” wrote LetsPlayer “Gronkh” (5 million YouTube subscribers) on Twitter. His little diplomatic analysis: The older voters, for whom the Union has lost much less percentage, “will slowly become humus over the next few years”. Instead, one user responded by calling him a “disrespectful, anti-democratic, populist, uneducated, neoliberal something”.

First, Gronkh wrote with a screenshot of the first results: “What happened there? #Thank you.” The answer came from Mirko Drotschmann alias “MrWissen2Go” (1 million subscribers). The former ZDF and SWR journalist analyzed: “Obviously this time election winner: environmental and climate protection.”

Vote from more than 90 YouTubers

With this argument, more than 90 web video stars recently asked not to vote for the two big parties. Previously, the YouTuber “Rezo” had drawn a devastating conclusion of CDU policy with his almost one-hour video “The Destruction of the CDU”. The video has already been seen ten million times and changed the debate completely in the week before the election. There was initially no reaction from Rezo himself on Sunday. “Thank you, Rezo,” tweeted some YouTubers. 

So does Pokémon expert “Lennyficate” (350,000 subscribers). He is satisfied: “The political interest that has arisen in recent months thanks to # Artikel13, #Klimaschutz and #European Election2019 must not let up in the future. Now we have to stay tuned and above all loud! Let’s save this broken world together.”

“I think we can all be proud of the fact that we stood up for our views and that we achieved something for our future!”, Said “KlenganTV”, whose satire and entertainment channel has 500,000 subscribers.

Many of the YouTubers reported on going to the polling station on Sunday and called for voting. However, they had largely held back from making recommendations. “I have cast my vote for Europe and you should do that too, if you are 18 or older and eligible to vote! It is for our future!”, Wrote about “Dagibee” (4 million subscribers) to her Twitter followers.

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Shocking news 

“iBlali” alias Vik- (tor Roth) received almost 5,000 likes for the brief message “Go to vote” to its 1.45 million Twitter followers. He also shared shocking news from a female fan. However, the story documented by screenshot can be made up. 

A young woman wrote to him there that her father had forbidden her to vote after discussions about the AfD and the importance of climate protection. He even told her that he would “put her in the oven with other foreigners”. Such news made him sad, he wrote.

Sources used: Own research list with tweets from YouTube stars

German agricultural policy is largely influenced by associations and companies, warns a recent study by the University of Bremen. But there is criticism of the investigation.

A current study by the University of Bremen calls into question the independence of agricultural policy in the Bundestag and EU Parliament. In the opinion of the participating scientists, a network of people close to the Union with the closest contacts to associations and companies from the agricultural sector successfully influences political decision-making processes. The result is a policy that hinders the solution of pressing problems and blocks reforms for the benefit of the environment, animals and consumers.

The Union rejects the allegations, the opposition sees difficulties. She points out problematic connections between farm-related companies and representatives of the people. At the same time, there is criticism of blanket branding of MPs with an agricultural background. The investigation is therefore also controversial. 

560 personal links

The authors of the study – scientists from the Bremen Institute for Labor and Economy (IAW) – examined the connections between over 90 actors and 75 institutions for the period from 2013 to 2018. According to their own statements, they encountered more than 560 personal and institutional links “within the agribusiness network”, which included actors from the financial sector, agrochemicals, agri-food industry and associations.

According to the authors, the German Farmers’ Association (DBV) plays a key role. Various formats and hotspots have been established around the DBV in recent years, where important actors and institutions come together to coordinate their agricultural and environmental policy positions. The study names platforms such as the Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft (FML) and the liaison office for agriculture and industry. V. (VLI), which fulfilled important network functions.

The study counts the chairman of the farmers’ association, Joachim Rukwied, among the outstanding actors in this network. In addition to his role as head of the association, the 57-year-old also holds important positions at the R + V insurance group, which is important for agriculture, at the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank (LR), the KfW banking group and BayWa AG. In his role as President of the European Farmers ‘Union (COPA), he also has access to the EU Agriculture Ministers’ Conferences.

The study also highlights the member of the Bundestag Johannes Röring. For the CDU man, the Bundestag page shows secondary employment for numerous agricultural-related companies, such as the LVM pension fund, the Westfälische Landschaft Bodenkreditbank, R + V-Versicherung and Land-Data GmbH. In general, members of the Union faction represented important links to agriculture, as the study makers write. More than half of their delegates on the agricultural committee hold positions in the farmers’ association.

“Notes on interest-based influences”

According to the study, the diverse networks between politics, associations and agribusiness provide “indications of interest-based influences on legal and funding policy frameworks in the EU and in Germany”