Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), where English is actively promoted

Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), where English is actively promoted

Mr. Bolotov told Kommersant that the situation "when kids can’t write

in the native language without errors, is not allowed. Russian language is required

need to be introduced in high school"… Growth "unsatisfactory" in other subjects

the ministry writes off to the regions in which the USE was held in the first

times: their number has tripled this year. And in the regions

participated in the experiment again, the number "fives" and "twos" by

remained the same compared to last year. However, "twos" on

exams in the ministry are even proud. "It is beneficial for schools to show

bad results on the exam, – ironically Minister Vladimir Filippov.

After all, then they can say that poor-quality education is caused by

insufficient funding, and ask for money to purchase textbooks,

equipping laboratories"… In addition, the minister recalled that until now

"deuces" it was not accepted to put on the final exams, the graduate

either sent to the autumn retake, or released "with wolf

ticket"without giving him a certificate. "The exam does not show that children have become

teach worse, they just became more objectively evaluated", – emphasizes

minister. In his opinion, the exam stops the flow of lies. And the truth

harsh: more than 10% of schoolchildren do not master the school curriculum even for

"three", and the maximum number of points for all exams

received less than 0.1% of students. Most of them are winners

international Olympiads, for exams in relevant subjects

automatically give top marks. Define "The cleverest"

(however, like "the stupidest") regions in the ministry refuse.

"Bashkiria performed remarkably in physics, and Novosibirsk, in spite of

expectations, worse than the rest of Russia, – says Mr.

Bolotov .– It turns out that they know foreign languages ​​better than anyone in Samara,

and in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), where English is actively promoted

authorities, passed it weakly"… However, the results in physics in this

year have been repeatedly contested. Schoolchildren, according to the master

Bolotov, used to solve problems more complex physical

formulas than the answer options suggested. Answer options for

the literature also turned out to be more than what was laid down in the computer

program. For example, if instead of "Onegin" the answer was written

"Evgeniy", the computer thought the answer was wrong, and the experts

had to recheck tests and in some cases recalculate


Date: 25.06.2003

Name: "Deuce" for the nature of the university warned about

trouble. Trouble has already begun


Edition: Izvestia

"News" have already written about the situation in the Moscow State

linguistic university – the conflict between students and

the leadership of MSLU arose after the rector Irina Khaleeva

announced that for additional hours of foreign language

state students will have to pay. However, no intervention

press, nor official appeals to the Minister of Education Vladimir

Filippov, neither the promises of the State Duma deputies to sort out the situation, nor

the rallies organized by the students themselves did not help. In the University

repression began – some of the students were already hinted at

the upcoming expulsion, and the summer session that has begun promises to be

a record number "twos"… Worst fears for fate

rebellious MSLU students are beginning to come true. At the end of the last

weeks in one of the rebel groups in the Faculty of International Relations,

economics and political science passed the exam in philosophy. Of thirteen

five people got "deuces"… The case for MSLU is unprecedented.

"Cool!" – in one word they commented on this sad fact

students of other faculties. And a student of the translation department,

who participated in the rally and handed over a letter from students to the deputy

with a request for help, rector Irina Khaleeva stated: "We will lift yours

private bussiness!" Why – the rector did not explain. Meanwhile, extortion from

the sides of the administration are not the only problem in MSLU. In the midst

scandal in "News" a letter from teachers came, testifying

that the repressions of Mrs. Khaleeva concern not only the poor

students, but also teachers who, for one reason or another, found themselves

disagreeable to her. The letter lists the names of the teachers and

Institute employees who suffered from the presumptuous boss (total

about 20 names). Among them there are those who, thanks to Khaleeva

they lost not only their jobs, but also their health, even their lives.

For example, after "sincere" conversation with the boss and, as they say

colleagues, as a result of repression at work last year ended

life by suicide Vice-rector for academic affairs Shitov. In a letter

teachers say: " … over the past few years, style

the work of the rector of the institute I.I. Khaleeva acquired the scale of absolute

monarchy. She destroys people disagreeable to her, creating such situations,

in which professionals who graduated from this university and gave it 30-40

years of life, forced to leave"… One of the victims of Khaleeva was the oldest

university employee Nasima Mustafievna Kamaletdinova.

– I worked for several years as the chairman of the selection committee,

on behalf of Khaleeva, she prepared tests for entrance exams according to

stories. She left the institute last summer, insulted by the rector before

depths of the soul. At first I was accused of what I told the guys

what textbooks you need to prepare in order to correctly answer the tests.

And then, when they began to competently answer the test questions, I

accused that I sold these answers to applicants. This year

it would have been exactly forty years since I have been working at this university. Of such

I did not have to go through humiliation for the whole time of work. Immediately

after the entrance exams last year, I wrote a statement about


The words of Nasima Kamaletdinova are confirmed in the letter that came to

editorial office "Izvestia": "Khaleeva forces teachers in the reception

commission to mark errors with a pencil, after which all work

"rise" to the rectorate, where the rector personally assigns grades to the necessary

applicants and "unnecessary"… The teachers act as

extras"… And here is what he says about the attitude towards teachers in

MSLU former university employee Professor Eduard Asastryan, not

who found with Khaleeva "common language":

– Apparently, her head was spinning from success. I don’t understand what’s on

found her. You’d better interview her herself.

– She doesn’t want to talk to us. Afraid, probably.

– Yes, she is not afraid of anyone, that’s why she behaves like that!

Alas, Eduard Khachikovich is right. Khaleeva is not afraid of anyone. And least of all,

apparently, she is afraid of the Ministry of Education, to whose help

trust naive, gullible students. Position of the Ministry of Education

in this conflict most resembles "ostrich"… Almost two

weeks ago, the head of the department Vladimir Filippov promised "Izvestia"

understand the situation and send a written response. No answer. Yes and

Khaleeva herself seems to be least afraid of a reaction from the outside

Ministry of Education. In one of the letters to the editor, an anonymous student

advised us "don’t mess with Khaleeva"referring to her serious

communications not only in the Ministry of Education, but also in political circles. By the way,

about politics. Here is an excerpt from the teacher’s letter: "The rector forces

join the party on pain of dismissal from university "Unity",

saying that you can do nothing, but only be listed and pay

contributions. Any Calls for Democratic Leadership End

in one summary: "We question my hero in history essay will not have democracy. All university teachers

feed from my hand. The President and the Mayor will always support me"… IN

Thursday MSLU students are going to hold a regular meeting. On that

once – under the windows of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Will they be heard in

ministerial offices? ..

(review prepared by GNII ITT "Informa")

Date: 24.06.2003

Title: How much is one professor’s finger



Collecting student fees has become a sad routine

The EMPLOYEES of the Economic Crime Department are tired

to be caught red-handed on bribes from pundits "polytechnic" (so now

prefer to call the Tula State University). This year alone

two criminal cases were opened. Operatives are assisted by students

they mercilessly surrender professors and associate professors who literally fight

for everything: for exams, coursework and tests. And everyone has their own method

bribery. Professor of one of the departments of the Mining and Construction Faculty

directed his stern gaze to the confused student and raised one

finger – this meant: to get on record "satisfactorily",