Others rely less on political accessories than on Hollywood glamor

Others rely less on political accessories than on Hollywood glamor

She actually had completely different plans: She was still a math student when she was approached by a model scout in a shopping center and invited to the casting. Soon afterwards she was to swap the world of numbers for the catwalk and the cover of magazines.

But not only that: As an influencer, she opened up another source of income for herself, and she succeeded with the nutrition guide "Your way to a happy weight: exercise instead of diet" as a book author and has recently turned more and more attention to acting.

"Cries of the forgotten" was the name of her feature film debut from 2011, which was shown on ProSieben. In the mystery thriller she was seen as a deaf medium. Since then she has appeared repeatedly in TV productions ("SOKO", "Murder in good company") have been seen.

And now Barbara Meier is also working as a designer. She designed a clothing line for mothers and babies for a large discounter, which is to be produced in an ecologically sustainable manner. "I can tell you so much about the collection that the colors and styles are tailored to mom and baby", writes Meier on Instagram. The premiere is in spring 2021.

Duchess Kate loves diamonds. She’s proving that once more. The 37-year-old has combined an old blazer in a new way, which is exactly on trend. 

The checked looks of Duchess Kate

Photo series with 15 pictures

Duchess Kate picked up red trousers for a charity event in a London theater. What doesn’t look particularly exciting at first glance was still a small highlight. The mother of three had not been seen in pants since her trip to Pakistan in mid-October.

This changed on Tuesday when she and husband Prince William showed up at the event. Kate appeared in a fashionable combination of suit trousers and blazer – and thus met the fashionable ravages of the times.

(Source: getty images)

Blazer for 720 euros

Checked blazers are considered the it-pieces of autumn. Duchess Kate had opted for a model from the Smythe brand, which cost the equivalent of around 720 euros. She wore the tailored jacket once before last October. This time she combined it with a white top instead of a black one.

The anything but staid business look was rounded off with wine-red ankle pants by Joseph. Cost: around 400 euros. The mother of three children also wore black pumps by Gianvito Rossi and a black leather belt.

These celebrities also love diamonds 

Other celebrities, such as Lena Meyer-Landrut, Lena Gercke, Cathy Hummels or Janina Uhse, are also relying fully on checked patterns this autumn: 

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Kate, however, has been a big diamond fan long before the trend, as you can see in our photo show. 

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Prince William was also present at the appointment. In contrast to his fashion-conscious wife, however, the 37-year-old did without special fashion accessories and wore a simple gray suit. 

Sources used: Profiles on Instagram.com

The successful guessing program in the German evening program is being reprinted: from Monday (November 30th) on, Das Erste will run again "The quiz with Jörg Pilawa" – 20 years after the first broadcast and 10 years after the last. Between 2001 and 2010, up to six million people switched on the classic every day. The program will now restart. It runs daily again during the week, but this time already at 4.10 p.m.

Jörg Pilawa had not hesitated for long when the Norddeutscher Rundfunk asked for the restart of the show with his acceptance, as he told the German Press Agency in Hamburg. "Today I am most approached about this show by everyone I have done.123helpme.me Whether it’s the taxi driver or someone on the street – it’s amazing what this show did to people back then." That’s why he decided to take part again. "But limited to 84 times in the afternoon."

Will he be able to lure millions in front of the screen with the afternoon show? "Of course we are happy to see so many spectators. But of course I don’t put as much pressure on myself at 55 as at 35. But of course I’ll also look at the quota the next day. Logical. It is an indicator of what we do."

The Hamburg moderator is confident that the tried and tested concept – the mixture of questions and answers and the talk with the candidates – will continue to be so well received. "It’s a talk quiz show because you learn so much about people. I think that fits into the afternoon because many people find themselves in the constellations and also like to listen." In any case, he had a lot of fun recording the first broadcasts with the candidate teams. Pilawa promises that he was able to elicit exciting stories from them again.

"For me as a moderator, it’s always like a lucky bag." Quiz shows are actually very structured with a question, alternative answers and a resolution. "But the time until logging in – that is my playing mass. I can’t plan anything there. I have to be wide awake." That is something that he particularly enjoys. "I once had a nun with me who, after asking several times, revealed that she would like to buy fancy red pumps with the money." The fact that so much humanity happens from the conversations is a special feature of the show. "I still like that and I don’t have that in any other show."

Despite the innumerable quiz programs already moderated by Pilawa – 1711 episodes of "The quiz with Jörg Pilawa" – the hamburger doesn’t think he’s super smart. "I am no smarter than other people. But a certain peasant cunning develops: It’s always answer C or the longest"said the 55-year-old with a laugh. Out of 100 answers, maybe 5 would get stuck because they would have particularly interested him. "But if I extrapolate that: With 100,000 questions, I’m of course much smarter than 20 years ago."

In the new edition of the quiz, the new candidate teams also bring a question of choice as the first question of the game. If you answer correctly, your wish will be granted. And there are a few other changes due to the corona: The candidates play in a studio without an audience and the applause is only played by the band. Pilawa also only sees his guests in the studio for the first time without their mouth and nose covering and then only from a distance. "So that is a really difficult situation for all sides."

After several years as the enchanting catwalk angel from Victoria’s Secret, the Dutchwoman Doutzen Kroes and her US colleague Karlie Kloss are spreading their wings and fluttering away from the lingerie label. That reports the US Internet portal "pagesix.com". Officially it is said that the two take their hats because of other obligations. According to the report, however, her perceived underpaid should be the reason for her departure.

According to official information, 30-year-old Kroes, who has been working for the label since 2008, has obligations in Europe. That’s why she quit her heavenly job in December. At Kloss (with Victoria’s Secret since 2013), their study plans are the reason for the end. The 22-year-old wants to start studying at New York University (NYU) in the fall.

$ 100,000 instead of millions

Meanwhile want "pagesix.com" have learned that the models feel underpaid. Kroes and Kloss would earn significantly less than famous angels before them such as Gisele Bündchen (34), Heidi Klum (41), Alessandra Ambrosio (33) or Tyra Banks (41). "Earlier contracts, like Alessandra Ambrosio’s, are for millions; today’s contracts are for $ 100,000", the Internet portal quotes an insider.

Photo show: Miranda Kerr Photo show: The models from ” Victoria’s Secret ” Photo show: Sexy celebrities in skimpy lingerie

However, the report does not completely rule out that temporal reasons could also be responsible for the models’ departure. They would have to reserve at least 50 days a year for their Victoria’s Secret engagement. Even with Miranda Kerr, who left the label in 2013 out of consideration for her private life, that should have been the reason for her departure.

If you remember the 2017 Oscars in the future, it will probably only mean: Oh, that was the big mistake scandal. From a fashion perspective, there were other highlights. Why did some stars wear a blue bow? Which look was great – which flop? Here come the most beautiful and worst outfits.

Stars like Karlie Kloss or Busy Philipps not only looked great on this important evening, but also used the public’s attention to make a political statement. They wore a blue bow. What was that all about? It was a mark for the American civil rights organization "ACLU". Since the election of Donald Trump, the association’s membership has already doubled. Incidentally, she recently started the lawsuit against Trump’s entry ban.

The others rely less on political accessories than on Hollywood glamor. The motto of many ladies: gold or glitter. Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron, they all came in sparkling outfits. As in every year, there were also missteps, such as the exaggerated appearance of Janelle Monáe.

For many stars, even worse than wearing an ugly dress is when they wear the same outfit as someone else. In 2017 it happened to Michelle Williams and Emma Roberts. The two women each opted for a dress that consisted of a black low-cut top and an ivory-colored long skirt. Emma Roberts won the style duel. You can see why in the picture gallery.

The search for Germany’s most beautiful girl is coming to an end. Only six models are left in the race. But who actually makes it into the final of "Germany’s Next Topmodel"? We asked someone who should know: model scout Peyman Amin. 

GNTM – Elena: "I think it would be best if I go now!"


Elena: "I think it would be best if I go now!"

"I also no longer believed that I would get any further."Video

He has been working as a model agent since 1994 and sat on the GNTM jury for four years. For t-online.de, Peyman took Amin Heidi’s girls under the microscope and he is particularly enthusiastic about one. 

"Elena has what it takes to do anything – catwalk, catalog, campaigns and cover shoots", enthuses the 45-year-old. "Possible campaigns would be for example ‘Victoria’s Secret’, ‘H&M ‘and’ Maybelline ‘." Many girls dream. 

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Bitter pill for Lara – the forever wobbling candidate has to go

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Elena: "I think it would be best if I go now!"

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Painful fall while walking in the desert

Sugar-sweet syrup shoot at GNTM

Career or Relationship: Ultimatum for Laura?

"It has great potential"

Peyman also sees something special in Jasmin. "It has great international potential. With her beautiful hair, I see her in a ‘L’Oréal’ campaign, where the exotic type is also very popular." 

Kim had to part with her flowing angelic mane during the famous GNTM makeover. Today the pretty blonde wears a cheeky pixie cut. The ex-juror likes it: "Her short hair looks great and her distinctive face comes into its own – great for perfume campaigns."

The nice girl next door

Fata, on the other hand, is just the nice girl next door for Peyman. "She is more likely to find happiness in the entertainment industry."

The other two candidates couldn’t quite convince the model scout either. "Taynara has a beautiful face, but is not very versatile. She’s more of a catalog girl than an international model."