How To Use – Best Secrets The Bible App App On Android That Will Blow Your Mind (With Screenshots).

The best Bible app for iOS is The Bible app from YouVersion. It offers a great user interface, easy access to a large number of translations in many languages, and offers a bunch of great reading plans. It also includes audio Bible support , accessibility from almost any device , and is frequently updated. It strikes the perfect balance between design and functionality for most users regardless of price. Our library see this helpful information of resources also includes Bible reading plans, Parallel Bible, and many other additional Christian resources including dictionaries and encyclopedias. contains a treasure trove of free study tools.

You can listen to the prayer aloud or read it to yourself. This helps to keep things fresh, especially when you’ve been praying for years. This app is available to android and iOS users for free. It contains preaching from Holy Bible in the form of stories and audio series.


My Bible offers users a great opportunity to study the bible. It doesn’t have a particularly pretty or elegant interface, but it offers everything you need to comfortably read the Bible on your Android. Myanmar Bible is the best Application to carry God’s Word. Have the Holy Bible at your fingertips anytime and anywhere you go. Myanmar Bible App contains the Old Testament and New Testament, providing an easier way to feel God’s word in your heart and to feel heaven closer to you and your loved ones.

Clearly marked CDs for easy tracking Word-for-word readings by James Earl Jones Listen anywhere, anytime! Relax to more than nineteen soothing hours of inspirational listening with crystal-clear audio of the New Testament read by one of the world’s most gifted actors of all time, James Earl Jones. Clearly marked CDs for easy trackingWord-for-word readings by James Earl JonesListen anywhere, anytime! For being a famous actor, he didn’t bring much life to the reading.

For The Olive Tree Bible App

Using included datasets that you have access to, the guide finds topics in your Bible dictionaries and other resources that correspond to the key term you enter. But the biggest benefit that both Logos and Accordance give you is the ability to quickly access the original languages via Strong’s Numbers — even on your iOS device. The size of the library that you have access to is pretty incredible. We are trying to do everything to make it more accessible.

  • The audio icon on the toolbar shows up, so you can tap it to start listening.
  • Through the ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing, provides media rich Bible content in 1,300+ Languages.
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  • The KJV translation inaccurately interprets this to infer that you should let your sexuality be shared with strangers.
  • Parisian cybersecurity firm Evina has identified 25 apps that use malware to steal your Facebook login credentials.
  • Many French-language versions are available for study online and offline to millions of French-speaking people around the world.

If I’d started at the beginning, going on to the New Testament now, and stories of actual people doing actual things would be a real relief. Visions, and not God telling you that if you don’t quit with the idol worship the king of Babylon will trash your city but super specific fantasy images of weird flying animals. I have seen Raphael’s painting of this, but even so it was a surprise. Personal, accurate, specific, and the bit where he got thrown into prison during the siege was unexpectedly exciting. Much less obviously fake than Isaiah, because of the details like the king burning the scroll and the crusts of bread.


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