February to be presented

February to be presented

Test at IFA: This is what the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G looks like and this is what the folding phone feels like. (Source: t-online.de)

Despite its bulky shape, it fits in your pocket without any problems – even if the fold leaves a dent. The front screen is 4.6 inches with a lot of black border on the top and bottom. This is reminiscent of the first smartphones. Those who are used to much larger displays will initially have a hard time with such a small screen. When chatting, for example, the typing errors increase noticeably.

A smartphone becomes a tablet

You should also avoid watching videos on the mini displays. According to Samsung, the 7.3-inch main display, which is hidden inside, should be used for this. In this mode, the Fold can be used like a tablet. Open apps on the front display are transferred to the main screen when they are opened. In addition, users can have three apps shown at the same time: one on the left and two on the right half of the screen. This is useful if, for example, you want to compare prices on two different websites when shopping online or if you have to do some research.

Those who like to play on the smartphone will also enjoy the large screen. The display can also show a lot more content when reading the news. The whole thing is a bit like an e-book. One problem is the 4: 3 format of the screen, which is unusual nowadays. Many videos and films show a black stripe above and below. When gaming, the front cameras built into one corner cut off part of the action if the app is not optimized for folding.

And: after opening and closing a few times, a fold appears in the middle. However, this is only visible with a light background – or when users look sideways at the device. Samsung itself claims, by the way, that the fold should withstand around 200,000 folding processes. With 100 folding processes per day, that would be a useful life of around five years. According to a test by “” CHIP “”, the Galaxy Fold should also work after 200,000 folding processes. According to a test by “” CNET “”, one half of the screen failed after about 120,000 folding operations.

There is nothing to complain about about the technology

Technically, the fold is impressive in all respects. With 512 gigabytes, the device offers a lot of space for films and photos. This is also necessary, because a MiniSD card cannot be inserted into the fold. The processor clocks at up to 2.8 gigahertz. In everyday life, the Fold delivers smooth smartphone pleasure, be it surfing, playing or watching films. In the Antutu performance test, the Galaxy Fold 5G was also ranked eighth among the currently most powerful smartphones.

The battery usually lasts longer than a day with normal use of the main and front displays. With economical use even up to three. The Fold can also charge another device such as a Galaxy Watch via Wireless PowerShare1.

The Fold comes with six cameras: three main cameras on the back and three for selfie shooting – one on the front and two on the main display. All lenses can impress with images that are qualitatively on par with Samsung’s Galaxy 10 – even if some photos look a little blurred. The Fold shoots particularly fine photos in good light, but night photos can also impress with the appropriately activated mode.

In addition, the Fold provides all kinds of modes such as hyperlapse or live focus for photo enthusiasts. However, if you want to use the two lenses on the front display for a selfie, you should set a timer. Because holding the large and heavy device far enough away from you with just one hand is both tiring and very cumbersome.

Conclusion: who pays 2,000 euros for a smartphone?

Whoever uses the fold in everyday life will learn to appreciate its many advantages. Above all, users who travel a lot can benefit from a foldable smartphone: For example, if you want to watch videos, read texts or do some research on the train, you can open the device and use a mini tablet with a larger screen than a normal smartphone .narrative essay about community service The front display is sufficient for text messages and a quick email check.

The biggest problem with the fold is probably the price. Samsung asked for 2,100 euros at the start of sales. The device can now be found on the Internet for just under 1,900 euros. That is still significantly more expensive than the most expensive iPhone and should put off many potential buyers: Because for the price you can also buy an inexpensive smartphone and several tablets.

Less than a week after Samsung, Huawei is showing its own foldable smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Huawei Mate X is supposed to bring the China group to the top in the race for the new smartphone trend.

It seemed as if Huawei did not want to lose any time: It felt as if Huawei CEO presented current sales figures for his group and showed new notebooks and routers for home use. In less than half an hour after the start of the press conference in Barcelona, ​​Yu then presented the device for which everyone present was probably there: the Huawei Mate X – Huawei’s first foldable smartphone.

The device is the answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, which the South Korean company showed on Wednesday. The Galaxy Fold has two displays: One is on the outside for use as a smartphone, while the tablet screen on the back can be opened and closed like a book.

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Huawei wants to do a lot differently with the Mate X. The tablet display is folded over so that it remains on the outside and can be used half-size on both sides. The advantage: People who are currently being photographed can see the live image of the camera on the side facing them. However, if you hold the folded phone in your hand, the screen on the lower side remains deactivated. 

Small enough for your pocket

The Huawei Mate X is also significantly larger than the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The latter has a screen diagonal of 4.6 inches when folded, and 7.3 inches when unfolded. The Huawei Mate X has a screen diagonal of 8 inches. When the tablet is folded, the front is slightly larger (6.6 inches) than the back (6.38 inches). 

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The design is as good as borderless. When folded, however, users have to live with a border on the left. The main cameras are installed there. All in all, the Huawei Mate X looks much more pleasant to look at than the Samsung competitor. 

When opened, the Mate X is 5.4 millimeters thick. When it is closed, it is 11 millimeters. The device should therefore fit well in your pocket.

Even more expensive than Samsung

Another special feature: the Mate X is 5G-capable just like the competitor model from Samsung. According to Huawei, it should support speeds of up to 4.6 gigabytes per second. As an example, Huawei states that a one gigabyte movie can be downloaded in three seconds.

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Huawei has equipped the device with a double battery with a capacity of 4,500 milliampere hours (mAh). With the new SuperCharge technology, the device should be charged to 85 percent in 30 minutes.

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Huawei calls eight gigabytes of RAM, the internal memory is 512 GB. The Mate X also has a dual SIM function and a fingerprint sensor. So far it should only come in the color Interstellar Blue. According to Huawei, other colors could follow.

Huawei boss Yu emphasized at the presentation that the new technology is not available at a low price. Huawei wants 2,299 euros for the device. The Galaxy Fold will cost 2,000 euros. The Huawei Mate X should appear in mid-2019.

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The former “” Tagesschau “” spokeswoman Eva Herman (57) divorced her fourth husband last year. The journalist said on Thursday in a hearing before the Hamburg district court, as a court spokesman confirmed. 

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The “” Bild “” newspaper had previously reported on the divorce. Herman was married to the hotelier Michael Bischoff since 2005.

Penal order for tax evasion

The trial concerned a penalty order for tax evasion. Herman has reportedly not submitted the income and sales tax returns of her media office in time for 2010. She received a penalty order for 180 daily rates of 40 euros each. In response to their objection, the district court reduced the daily rate to 30 euros, the spokesman said. She has already paid her tax debts. The judgment is final.

From 1989 to 2006 Herman was a newscaster for the “Tagesschau”. The NDR dismissed the moderator in 2007 because of controversial statements on Nazi family policy.

Gerhardt Delling and Günther Netzer (Photo: dpa) Who doesn’t know her: Marianne Michael, Netzer Delling or Waldorf Statler. Because regardless of whether folk music, football broadcasts or children’s programs – TV duos are popular with young and old. “” Muppet-Show “” without the complaining pensioner Waldorf Statler? Inconceivably! A bad game by the German national soccer team without the jerky comments from Günther Netzer and Gerhardt Delling? Unbearable! And the storm of indignation that ZDF recently responded to when it became known that people wanted to get away from the funny musicians Marianne Separate Michael, should still be in everyone’s ears.