Dyson has developed a robotic vacuum cleaner with a complete optical navigation system.

Dyson has developed a robotic vacuum cleaner with a complete optical navigation system.

CARSRussian unmanned vehicles: Cognitive TechnologiesAlexander the GreekThe news that Uber had launched a self-driving taxi in San Francisco took me by surprise. However, below it was written: "At the wheel to comply with the current regulations, there is a test driver, ready to take control, and in the front passenger seat is an engineer with a laptop, who is responsible for collecting statistics during the trip." We talked to the leading Russian developer of such systems, Cognitive Technologies, about how a car will do without a driver.

DO IT YOURSELFWith your own hands: how to make the world’s fastest paper airplaneRoman FishmanThe current distance record for paper airplanes is 69.14 meters. It was set by "pilot" Joe Ayub, who used a design invented by one of the most famous "aircraft builders" John Collins. "Popular Mechanics" presents a scheme according to which everyone can fold a record airplane.

THE SCIENCEMysterious Europa: is there life under the ice of Jupiter’s moonBoris SternSo, a little introduction to the history of European astronomy!

TECHNOLOGIESHow people are filmed frozen in iceAlexander the GreekHow is great photography different from just good? This simple question baffles many. The most succinct and simple answer I heard from the photo editors of National Geographic: "Shoot either what no one shot, or the way no one shot." It seems that Denis Clero, the best extreme photographer in Russia, who won in 2016 the most prestigious world competition of extreme photography – Red Bull Illume, heard this phrase too. And towards the end of the year, he completed a series of sports photographs under the general title Frozen. When you look at them, one question arises: "How ?!".

TECHNOLOGIESImpossible engine EmDrive: into space without fuelIn November 2014, we already wrote a long article about the amazing EmDrive engine – a copper bucket that does not require any fuel and at the same time generates energy in some way. 2.5 years have passed, the engine was repeatedly tested in various laboratories and … they still did not understand anything. In general, a new longread with updated information about an impossible engine that should be eternal. If not for the laws of physics.

THE SCIENCEBacteria of eternal youth: Russian scientists on aging retardationRoman Fishman"And here is the same scientist from Russia who injected himself with the bacteria of eternal youth!" – some stories about the work of Anatoly Brushkov cause sincere surprise in him. Unhurried movements, quiet speech – he does not look like an obsessed hero of science in any way. Heading the Department of Geocryology at Moscow State University, the scientist devoted his whole life to the study of the circumpolar regions and permafrost. In a cold climate, this hot story began.

TECHNOLOGIESThe Drawn Fleet: How the Game is Made World of WarshipsAlexander the GreekIf you are already playing one of the most exciting games of recent years, World of Warships (and if not, we strongly recommend that you try it), then in your excitement, you may not have considered all the ships in detail. And in vain – they are worth it. Never before has the naval gaming industry reached this level of detail.

THE SCIENCEThe miracle of packaging: how DNA is folded, or a 20 billion km chainAlexander ErshovIn every human cell – with the exception of sex cells – there are 23 pairs of chromosomes, each of which contains from 1.7 to 8.5 cm of DNA. If you pull out the DNA of all chromosomes in a chain, then its length will be about 2 m. The total DNA of all cells in the body will gain already 20 billion km – this with a margin is enough to stretch the thread to the Sun and back several dozen times. It remains only to be surprised with what wonderful skill all this is packed in the cell nucleus, the size of which is measured in micrometers.

TECHNOLOGIESFEDOR First: Russian anthropomorphic robotRoman FishmanAfter successful tests at the end of 2016, FEDOR was shown to the general public. The prototype must become the founder of a whole dynasty of anthropomorphic robots that will master many dangerous and difficult professions of the human world. And some of his descendants will go into space.

THE SCIENCEFresh blood: how to slow down aging with blood plasmaRoman FishmanScarlet, full of life young blood is of interest not only to vampires: scientists are investigating its mysterious ability to slow down aging.

TECHNOLOGIESPegasus XL rocket and other stunning photosEach issue of the Popular Mechanics magazine has a Slide Show section. In it we talk not only about the most interesting, but about the most beautiful and visually spectacular technical innovations and events. Photos of the "Slideshow" section on our website are given in high resolution so that, if desired, they can be downloaded and printed without loss of quality. They are worth it!

EDITORIALLetter from the Editor on Future TechnologiesAlexander the GreekLast year turned out to be successful for me – I saw with my own eyes our near future and was glad

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WEEKDAYS OF THE EDITORIALEditor’s Letter on Experiences with Superconducting LevitationSergey ApresovThe "Experience" column is dearly loved not only by the entire editorial board of Popular Mechanics, but also by the staff of other magazines of our publishing house, because during the shooting of the "experience" the photo studio turns into a real circus with free admission for everyone. It is with special pleasure that girls come to gaze at our experiments, despite the fact that we are traditionally considered a men’s magazine.

MASTER CLASSHow to properly lay on nailsMany years ago my mother took me to the circus, and one day real yogis came to our city. They took incredible poses, pierced their cheeks with knitting needles, walked barefoot on coals and broken glass, and at the end of the program lay on nails. Now, a quarter of a century later, we at Popular Mechanics decided to check: is it so difficult?

ARTIFACTUnique sculptures "pretend" to be internal combustion enginesAlexandra HardtLooking at the work of South Korean sculptors Yu-Ju and Lim Hee Young, it’s hard to figure out what you’re looking at: whether it’s an aircraft engine, or a bizarre abstract steampunk composition. The authors themselves say that this is art for the sake of art, a piece of a fairy tale in our world, but who will believe them!

STORYHow the world’s first icebreaker was built in tsarist RussiaFor centuries, a harsh winter dominated the waters of the northern ports, holding them down for six months with ice impassable for ships. But in the 19th century, man got tired of enduring it, and inventors entered the battle. What they did not come up with – and bow ram-ice cutters, and power saws, and even a heated body that was supposed to melt the ice. But the success was achieved by the Russian self-taught engineer, industrialist, merchant and ship owner Mikhail Britnev.

TECHNOLOGIESInto deep space without fuel: an engine that cannot beTim SkorenkoJet engines have their limitations. With their help, you can get only to the nearest planets of the solar system – Mars, Venus, and then extremely slowly, but there is no talk of reaching other systems even within our Galaxy. The reason for this is the frantic amount of fuel required for maneuvering, and wear, and the complexity of management. However, there is another way. Very controversial. Very suspicious. But suddenly?

THE SCIENCEIgnobel Prize-2014: both laughter and scienceDmitry MamontovThe Ignobel Prize, conceived by the editors of the sarcastic pseudoscientific journal The Annals of Improbable Research, is becoming increasingly popular among scientists. Serious people are presenting Ignobel – real Nobel laureates, and although the entire event traditionally held at Harvard is presented as a parody of the prestigious "Nobel Prize", cases of refusal of the Ignobel Prize are extremely rare. It is officially awarded "for scientific achievements that first make people laugh and then think." We will also think about it.

WEAPON what is a synthesis in writingHow a sapper robot and a firefighter robot were tested in the suburbsOleg MakarovMinesweeper makes one mistake. This truth, which has survived many wars, seems to be receding into the past. Soon, the Russian army will receive machines that will take on the power of explosions and the madness of fire. They will significantly reduce the risks to which the military personnel of engineering units are exposed.

THE SCIENCENew model of the universe: a universe from a black holeAlexey LevinThe new model of the universe makes it possible to do without the quantum singularity and cosmological inflation.

THE SCIENCEHow to prolong youth?Alexey RzheshevskyBelief in a healthy lifestyle has always helped people to maintain good health until the most venerable age. However, it is one thing to believe, and another to know. Only in recent decades have scientists been able to describe the specific biochemical mechanisms by which low-calorie nutrition and exercise prevent aging and prolong youth.

TECHNOLOGIESWhat is yeast?Oleg MakarovBiotechnology is a newfangled word, but people learned to use microorganisms for their economic needs thousands of years ago. We are talking, of course, about yeast, without which neither winemaking, nor brewing, nor baking would be possible. So what is yeast? How were they “domesticated”? How are they manufactured industrially? And is it true that yeast bread is dangerous? Let’s try to figure it out.

TECHNOLOGIESTesting noise canceling headphonesDmitry Mamontov, Sergey ApresovThe next generation active noise canceling headphones not only avoid monotonous background noise, but also get rid of the ever-tangled wires.

WEEKDAYS OF THE EDITORIAL"On automatic blood pressure monitors" and other best letters from readersThe author of the best letter of the month receives a collector’s edition of The Red Book Olympic Album with photographs of Olympic champions as a gift, an opportunity to relive the unforgettable moments of the Olympics. The first part of the publication – photographs of the medalists, captured by fashion photographer Natalie Arefieva, the second is presented by the works of the classic of sports photography Bob Martin. The album was released by Audi.

ARTIFACTHow the combat ekranoplan "Eaglet" was createdThe "Eaglet" learned to fly on the Volga, in the calm Calf channel near Nizhny Novgorod. It is unrealistic to hide the huge apparatus from prying eyes, so a legend was invented for the locals: they are trying to tow the plane that crashed to the airfield.

WEEKDAYS OF THE EDITORIALWhere is the largest passenger elevator located, why hyperthermophiles survive: "PM" answers readers’ questions.Ask your question and you!

THE SCIENCEWhy do modern physicists need ancient Roman lead ingots?Alexey LevinTo search for extremely rare processes that promise a giant breakthrough in our understanding of modern physics, scientists use not only the most modern detectors, but also products of technology two thousand years ago.

WEAPONHow to rescue nuclear submarines?Constantin RichesIn the military sphere, not only manuals are written in blood, but many technical innovations owe their birth to tragic events. Not so long ago, the development of a complex, unique for the domestic shipbuilding, was completed – the need for its creation became obvious to sailors and engineers after a series of disasters in the submarine fleet.

TECHNOLOGIESSaving the Iron Worm: Burt’s Giant Tunneling Shield is being repaired in SeattleChristopher SolomonWhat would you do if you happened to operate the world’s largest tunneling shield and suddenly something went wrong? You are moving forward, everything is going well, a drill head the size of a five-story building is about to start grinding the rock just under the skyscrapers of one of America’s greatest cities, and … what a shame! "Bertha" – as the car was named in honor of the first woman-mayor of Siotla, Bertha Lands – bounces on something.

ADRENALINFastest electric bikeTim SkorenkoSpeed ​​records are constantly being set. New components and components are tested on racing cars, and the possibilities of various technologies are explored. The main trend in recent years is electric vehicles, and the KillaCycle Racing team from the US state of Colorado has set itself a difficult goal: to break the absolute speed record for motorcycles on an electric bike. Will they succeed?

TECHNOLOGIESHow does a sighted vacuum cleaner work?Dmitry MamontovDyson has developed a robotic vacuum cleaner with a complete optical navigation system.

TECHNOLOGIESPlayboy’s Ark: a report from the most "digital" vessel "Quantum of the Seas"Sergei ApresovIf you ever have to survive the second Flood, know that the best place to do so is the world’s most high-tech cruise ship, the Quantum of the Seas.

WEAPONThe cannons of Russky Island: how the Voroshilov battery instilled fear in the JapaneseYuri VeremeevFor centuries, the defense of state borders has been based on a system of strong points – fortresses, fortified areas, defense lines. But World War II showed that positional defense on land tends to lead to defeat. But with regard to seaports, the situation is different: their defense should be just that – tough and unyielding.

CARSAlong the oyster: Sakhalin test drive Land Rover Discovery 4Sergey ApresovLand Rover Expedition “Discovering Russia: Sakhalin” is a rare event in scope. For some, this is a unique insight into the history of the country, for others – an impressive story for a photo blog. For us, the trip turned into the largest and deepest master class on driving a car on rough terrain.

MASTER CLASSResistance is useless: experimenting with magnetic levitationIgor EgorovMagnetic levitation and zero resistance – the most spectacular properties of superconductors – are easy to demonstrate at home.

IN EACH ROOMLetter from the editorReaders’ lettersTime MachineTechnoparadeTechnoshowWhat you need!Professions

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LETTERSFrom the editorSergey ApresovHave you ever had the feeling that you were unlucky enough to be born at the right time in the right place? Say, in the 1960s to create a great rock band and travel around the globe on tour? Or write the first personal computer operating system in the 1970s to take over the world? Maybe at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, spread the word about yourself all over the planet using the first Internet sites? Finally, in the 2000s, invent a social network for students and turn it into a global corporation?

LETTERSBest letter of the monthThe author of the best letter of the month receives a L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Sport set by Issey Miyake as a gift. This fragrance, created by renowned perfumer Jacques Cavallier, has hints of bergamot and grapefruit, spicy nutmeg, vetiver and cedar. Woody Eau de Toilette adds a stream of sparkling, transparent freshness to the L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme family and gives a feeling of unprecedented energy.

THE SCIENCELiving by wireDmitry MamontovThe renowned geneticist Craig Venter, one of the pioneers of synthetic biology, claims that all the technologies needed to teleport living beings already exist. True, so far we are only talking about viruses and bacteria. But someday, perhaps, it will come to a person.

THE SCIENCEBiohackersAnton ChugunovThe state-of-the-art electronics and computer industries began with enthusiasts in private garages.