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2018 has been a terrific year for Skylum, and 2019 was filled with new products and improvements. Can you tell us about the way Skylum is moving ahead? 2018 had been a year of changes. And also the first half of 2019 was filled with challenges and changes too. In the end of last we launched Luminar 3, the long-awaited update to our flagship product. Luminar 3 includes a Library so consumers can easily manage and edit their own pictures in one spot. Most people were content with it, but some still favored the older workflow. They wanted a tool which allowed them to stick with their current workflow but that also supplied our newest AI-powered features. That is the reason why we chose to establish a new item, Luminar Flex. This is a new direction for us, but it was what our customers wanted. We also recently found a brand new product named AirMagic — an automatic image enhancer for drone photos. This was a completely new niche for us. Drone photography is popular, however, it takes a distinct editing strategy. We needed to spend a great deal in figuring out that. In other words, we have been exploring new directions to enlarge the business and not merely sticking with our proven products. We think this has made us stronger. This year, we are A Raw Talent For Photography | Multy Shades continuing to focus on Luminar to help it become a better”location” for photographers of all skill levels. In autumn, we are going to be starting a new version of the applications with updated editing functionality as well as an upgraded UI. You can also expect more advanced AI-powered attributes in Luminar in the near future. I can’t disclose all the details yet, however I am sure artists and photographers will appreciate it a whole lot. Moreover, our team is operating on Luminar Cloud, business-to-business cloud-based solutions for automating image processing using technologies from your Skylum AI Lab. We are going to provide tools which save time and money for businesses small and large, whether it’s a property company that needs quality HDR photos for their listings or an online merchant that wishes to batch edit merchandise photographs. We’ll help companies automate the dull traditional post-processing techniques. And, clearly, we’re considering moving mobile. It’s absolutely clear to everyone that cellular apps are the present and the near future. Nevertheless, it’s too early to some details. AI is currently among the largest trends in imaging program. Would you tell us about Skylum’s AI strategy? I believe that AI will occupy a more prominent place in image processing. It’s inevitable. We’ll spend less and less time on routines, for Example, concealing and adjusting white balance, exposure, and clarity


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